Inspirations & Ideas Course

Inspirations & Ideas is designed to support students in CPM's Core Connections, Course 3 who sometimes struggle with mathematics. The expectation is that students in Inspirations & Ideas will be concurrently enrolled in Core Connections, Course 3, and therefore will have two math classes daily. Ideally, Inspirations & Ideas is a non-graded course, with no homework, and no summative assessments.

Attendance of an Inspirations & Ideas Implementation Course Workshop is mandatory to purchase and will include your registration, along with a full classroom set of materials. This workshop was held in June 2019. The next expected workshop will be held at the 2020 Residential Workshop. Please visit our main site at for upcoming events.

For those that have attended the workshop and need additional material, please send a request for quote to

More information about the course is available at CPM's new Intervention Course, Inspirations & Ideas!
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